Body Confidence Awareness Week

BCA WEEK MAY 30 Body Confidence Awareness Week
Body-shaming is an epidemic. Body Confidence Awareness Week (BCAW) helps to create systemic shifts in schools and community organizations by addressing body and/or appearance-based discrimination and Gender Based Violence through awareness, prevention and intervention. We are thrilled to have Body Confidence Awareness Week recognized across two of Canada’s largest school boards . This October more that 300,000 students and over 600 schools across two provinces will be able to celebrate #BCAWEEK.

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Bashful is Blush


pink plus size dress 1 1 Bashful is Blush

This carefully curated photo is 4 weeks and $$s of dollars in the making .2 months ago Jill and I were invited to take part and attend the unveiling of the Canada Post and Canada 150 equal marriage stamp. So of course I needed a new outfit to commemorate such a historic occasion. 4 Stores, dozens of online sites, tears, headaches, excessive cursing, shipping , customs fee’s , returns more returns, cursing , tantrums, more tears  ,1 tailor later AND voila I have my dress.
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T is for Turtleneck

turtlekneck sweater T is for Turtleneck

When in doubt wear a TURTLENECK.  My everyday basics. I have six all in the same color, BLACK.  Unfortunately with the Spring in the air ( kinda) I’ll have to retire my black turtleneck and replace it with a black t-shirt. If it worked for the late great Steve Jobs  co founder of Apple Computers it works for me!

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