How to Romance Your Finance

Saving Money Valentines 740x555 How to Romance Your Finance

“I love me some me!” ~ Terrell Owens, former NFL football player

February is love month. Valentine’s Day in particular encourages us to express our love for another with flowers, cards, sometimes jewelery, and my favourite, chocolate. How do you show love for yourself? If the old adage is true, you can’t truly love another unless you first love yourself. So, what little things do you do for yourself?

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Sequin Sunrise

gold plus size sequin skirt 682x1024 Sequin Sunrise

With the holiday season in full swing and New Years Eve in a matter of days it’s easy to get overwhelmed with What Should You Wear For New Years? When in doubt I always grab my sequin mini skirt. It’s easy to dress up and down and its great for travelling.

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Dollars & Sense: How To Save Money During The Holidays

“Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Holiday shopping when they ran out of money.” ~ Author Unknown

HOLIDAY DEBT Dollars & Sense: How To Save Money During The Holidays

The holiday’s are one of the most stressful times of the year whether you are making the holiday dinner, or your worried about blowing your holiday budget. Last month we introduced you to a new column Dollars & Sense with Cynthia Hamlin, MBA . This month Cynthia’s shares her financial tips for the holidays.

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