How to Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe

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I have no idea where January went , I blinked and it went from New Years Eve to Febraury 1st in a heart beat. If you’re like me you made a long list of all the things you wanted to accomplish in January  and you’ve only crossed a few of them of the list.
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Weight Watchers & Oprah :#OprahWeAreNotLost


Wow…I just saw the first ‪#‎weightwatchers‬ commercial featuring ‪#‎Oprah‬ where she states in her “all knowing” sainthood tone that EVERY WOMAN who is overweight is lost and inside lies [the subtext] a thinner woman who cant wait to be alive, empowered and taking care of business.So essentially fat women are unhappy and underachieving -essentially spitting in their own lives’ faces.

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