How do you feel about getting older?

Posted on May 5, 2013

Plus Size Fashion Blogger Toronto Aisha How do you feel about getting older?

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday but I still feel like I’m 16. I don’t like early mornings, going to the dentist and taking my medicine. I wish I could get up at noon and lye on my bed in my bath towel and eat chocolate cake and drink apple juice all day. But I can’t because I’m an adult now. In my adult life I get excited when chicken breasts and shrimp are on sale. In my adult life I love designer shoes and romantic dinners. In my adult life I am a girl in love. In my adult life I’m a television producer who casts, researches and shares others people’s stories. And although I’ve always known I wanted to tell stories, I didn’t think I would be telling my own. I was the quiet girl who sat in the back of the class always knowing the right answers but I’d never raise my hand. I was the girl who would tuck her 3 younger siblings into bed every night. I was the girl who hated group work because I ended up doing all of it. I was the happy girl in high school  who knew everybody but didn’t have a lot of friends.

Toronto Plus Size Fashion Blogger Vintage Thrift dress How do you feel about getting older?

Toronto Plus Size fashion bloggers Jill Aisha How do you feel about getting older?

Cityscape How do you feel about getting older?

Body Image Expert Jill Andrew How do you feel about getting older?

Toronto Plus Size Fashion Blogger Birthday night How do you feel about getting older?

Plus Size Fashion Blogger wearing black and white How do you feel about getting older?

Canadian Plus Size Fashion Blog Black and White Trend How do you feel about getting older?

Baby Aisha How do you feel about getting older?

Today I am the girl who texts her sibling to say goodnight. Today I am the girl who can still be quiet but I have a big mouth. Nothing happens overnight, confidence and happiness aren’t found in a bottle or a designer outfit. You have to work at it. Just because you’re turning 33, 21, 18 or 50 doesn’t mean that your life has to be perfect. Not everything goes your way. Not everyone will like you and sometimes people are just assholes. Everybody has a different dream.  Today I am turning into the girl that I always wanted to be.

How do you feel about getting older?


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  • misslionhunter

    LOVED reading this!!! So empowering and so honest! I get excited too when chicken and shrimp is on sale at the grocery store! HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous!!!
    Mo (

    • fatinthecity

      Thanks so much.Looking through fliers and clipping coupons is the best! I just saw shrimp on sale and I’m on my way to the grocery store.

  • danahi88

    happy belated birthday! you look amazing and i love what you wrote. its all a growth process! things rarely work out how you planned them and thats life at its fullest! i turned 25 this year and i dreaded it, i didnt even actually celebrate it. but everyday you should embrace that you are living another day!

    • fatinthecity

      Thank you! Yes it’s all a growth process. Nothing happens overnight and you can’t compare your life to other peoples’s. In the past I didn’t celebrate my birthday, now I celebrate it for the entire month

  • Nadine Wiltshire

    I’m glad you are celebrating…happy belated!!

    I never understood why we as women were told” a lady never say her age”. Why not? We should celebrate coming into another year of life..Others are not so lucky!

  • Marie Denee

    Tre chic and happy birthday! I totally know what you mean as I will be 32 this year! I am excited and ready… I think I have learned to feel more open and secure in who I am as I get older- I love it!!! THANK you for sharing this link on the blog today!!!

    • fatinthecity

      Thank you! I’m getting older and But I have so much more to learn. It feels amazing to be comfortable in your own skin (most of the time)


  • Sylvia B.

    LOVED this! Thank you for sharing! Because of you and other full figured bloggers at 56 I have come into my own! I feel more fierce and powerful than ever before and I’m making plans for my 57th to become even more bold! I hope to inspire others in the same way you young ladies have inspired me! Bravo!!!

    • fatinthecity

      Thank you so much Sylvia. I think we all have been inspired by each other. Nothing happens over night and you do have to work at it. I feel so honoured to be one of the many women that have inspired you. Your words have inspired me.

  • Lillie Locklear

    I don’t know if you will see this I just discovered your blog today but here goes anyway I feel great about getting older I feel better now than when I was in my twenties I was married to an abusive husband for 21 years I guess getting out of that hell made all the difference in the world. I was leaving revival at church last night and I ran into a classmate of mine from high school and she said the older I got the more beautiful I was she said I won’t even be able to look at you by the time your 70 I said I hope I can just still be around then and that will be beautiful enough for me.

    • fatinthecity


      Thank you so very much for reading and supporting our blog. We are so happy to hear how you have sincerely embodied the true meaning of beauty~ self empowerment, the ability to survive past some significant life challenges and that you are thriving! If only more women and girls would look forward to aging, to the wisdom that comes with it and to the sensational sense of style we get as we get older knowing ourselves more and being more confident in our choices. Thank you for reading and always know we’ll look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to many more fashionable and self assured years to you our friend!
      Jill & Aisha,