My Love Affair With Blazers

Posted on October 26, 2013

Plus Size Designer Blazer 607x404 My Love Affair With Blazers

I first saw the blockbuster hit Working Girl (1988) starring Sigourney Weaver & Melanie Griffith a couple years after its release.  I was a young girl then.  I remember being captivated by these women’s blazers — their suits.  In or around that time my cousin Pearl, a fashion designer, exposed me to all things fabrics, patterns and ‘feminine’ glamour. I was acutely aware, obsessed and in awe of her style! She was so cool.  In retrospective I suspect my profound captivation with WG was augmented because in my little mind blazers and suits were for boys.  Oh the sense of ‘power’ I remember Tess McGill (Griffith) having when she dawned that grey suit after she successfully infiltrated Katherine  Parker’s (Weaver) life, job, boyfriend (and her pearls!) in an attempt to steal her spot as the high powered CEO.  Anyhow, that’s the Coles Notes version. Check it out for all the twists and turns. I’ll just say Tess had good reason! You’ll love it for its 80’s (non)sensibilities lol!

Working Girl Movie 607x513 My Love Affair With Blazers

Working Girl Blazers 607x326 My Love Affair With Blazers

Old School Shiny Suit Puff Daddy2 607x716 My Love Affair With Blazers

Jill (Circa 1995)- Wearing Puff Daddy’s shiny suit (lol)

Over twenty years later and this little older girl woman is still obsessed with her blazers, suits and jackets. Go figure! Don’t laugh at me but the Working Girl fashion was for me what Sex in the City the Movie (at least the first one) has been for countless millions.  I love blazers! They exude a sense of power, sophistication and classic style. Though modest in its design (since today less and showing more seems to be the pièce de résistance in women’s apparel—and no judgement here. I can appreciate it…REALLY I can. Trust me…mmmeeeeoooww) a good blazer accentuated by a well-fitting, hopefully iron-free (cause time is money honey) dress shirt says, “don’t f with me. I got this~ and my two girls are warm…tucked inside!”

Plus Size Body Confidence 607x910 My Love Affair With Blazers

For me my blazers personify refinement. For some they are stuffy, boring or even overly pretentious but for me they feel like home — they are freeing! I am that woman in a sharp blazer — the one who dares to wear “daddy’s” clothing— bah hypothetically, stereotypically and gender-boxingly speaking (gosh don’t you hate those boxes!). Blazers, like many other articles of clothing, allow us to trouble those gender lines and burst through stifling societal expectations on how we should perform our ‘femininity.’ As the great feminist Judith Butler  has argued for years, gender is not some concrete thing that just ‘is.’ We bring our genders to life and give them meaning through our everyday actions (again Coles Notes). The ritual of dressing my dears I’d argue is one of the most important! I’ve already been quoted in a previous FITC post on the power of clothing  for now I’ll gently slide off my soap box with these final words…

My blazers…my…suits…my dress shirts oh how I love thee…Come to mommy.

Thank you to everyone for supporting Fat in the City and a special thank you for reading my first official  FITC ‘style’ post.

Plus Size Blazer 607x910 My Love Affair With Blazers

Hermes Designer 607x910 My Love Affair With Blazers

Blazer, Jones New York via Lord & Taylor (similar here)|Shirt, Jones New York| Jeans, Forever 21,| Shoes, Cole Haan (men’s)| Scarf, Hermes (gift) |Glasses, Chanel

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