You Can’t Talk To Me

Posted on October 10, 2013


Plus Size Leather Jacket Black 681x1024 You Cant Talk To Me

Have you ever put on an outfit that makes you feel so good that you’ve thought, “You can’t talk to me!” Well this outfit makes me feel like a fairy rock princess and guess what, “You can’t talk to me.” I remember when I couldn’t find any stylish clothing to wear. I used to wear baggy sweaters, button down shirts and to put it mildly, it made me feel like shit (pardon my French). By the way, I have nothing against baggy sweaters and button down shirts but I didn’t have the choice not to wear them and that’s what really got under my skin. Then I discovered ReDress, located in Brooklyn at the time, and my whole world of fashionable, affordable options exploded!  According to our resident FITC body image aficionado Jill Andrew, “Clothing, like a second skin, envelopes our bodies while authenticating our personalities, our desires and the fondest of memories relived through a single garment choice.” Andrew emphasizes how we can try on many identities through our clothes and as such, “we enjoy pretty intimate relationships with them,” she explains. Finding clothing that reflected my personality made me feel like I could enter any room with confidence. It is not easy to keep up with the ever-demanding and escalating costs of fashion. We are god/mothers, partners, students, and daughters to our aging parents, with bills to pay.  We can’t always afford to buy what we want but doesn’t it feel damn good when you can? This outfit makes me feel  invincible and when I’m strutting down the street — You can’t talk to me (lol)

Plus Size Designer Clothing Confidence 659x1024 You Cant Talk To Me

Dress, Eileen Fisher (old), similar here)| Jacket, thrifted (similar here)| Shoes, Nina Ricci & Cole Haan| Purse, Margiela What’s your you can’t talk to me outfit?   For more from Jill on the Power of Clothing Check out tonightnews

Statement Necklace Neutral 659x1024 You Cant Talk To Me

Nina Ricci designer shoes 651x1024 You Cant Talk To Me

Eileen Fisher Dress 682x1024 You Cant Talk To Me

Nina Ricci Velvet Shoes 1024x682 You Cant Talk To Me

Eileen Fisher Plus Size Fashion 681x1024 You Cant Talk To Me

What’s your you can’t talk to me outfit?   For more from Jill on the Power of Clothing Check out tonightnews   

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  • Jenn

    Plus it looks like a comfortable outfit.

    • fatinthecity

      Thanks Jenn:) It’s one of my favorite outfits:)

  • Kurves

    Yes…you look confident & chic!

    • fatinthecity

      Why thank you!

  • chictherapy

    love the shoes

    • fatinthecity

      These shoes make me want to swirl:)

  • Lillie Locklear

    you look great!

    • fatinthecity

      Thank you Lillie:) This outfit makes me feel like a million bucks:)

  • nicolette

    I love this look!!!! I don’t have a “you can’t talk to me” outfit — unless you count whatever clothes i rolled out of bed in, but then the reason you can’t talk to me is cause i’m probably in desperate need of some coffee.

    • fatinthecity

      Thanks Nicolette I’m thrilled that you love my outfit!. I’m not a morning person either “you can’t talk to me” on the subway before 7am:) Meow


    You are divine, and I would love to have you amongst my blogger friends so very much.
    I want those crazy gorgeous shoes too, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Following you everywhere.

    • fatinthecity

      Hey ! I love absolutely love your blog its so inspiring:)
      hope you have a great weekend,

  • Claudia Lackner

    You look gorgeous . Love your shoes . Kisses

    • fatinthecity

      Thank so much Claudia!!! MEOW PURRR

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  • Tracey Van-Pedro

    Gorgeous…….Can I raid your closet?