Goodbye Resolutions…Hello Revolutions!

Posted on January 8, 2014

Plus size canada blogger 740x1109 Goodbye Resolutions...Hello Revolutions!

Let’s stop drinking the Kool-Aid today. Every new year we are perpetually bombarded with this, that and the other ‘expert’ tip on how to live our best lives. Upon closer review these ‘life-saving’ solutions usually have much more to do with us cutting things out of our life than supplementing our life’s palate.

Cut out a hundred and one foods and obsessively exercise = lose weight be happy, cut back on personal hobbies = gain more status in the office as the over-achieving worker on the verge of breaking with no life balance, or be a social media, smartphone, ’20 finger’ aficionado to the point where you forget the actual voices of your loved ones but are quick to decline an invitation to meet in person because you’re ‘just so busy’ with the gym, deadlines, and the workplace of course — now that’s multi-tasking and taking life by storm.

Not quite.

relaxing 740x1109 Goodbye Resolutions...Hello Revolutions!

Fallacies, like these, revolve around us year round but as the New Year chimes in our resolutions to ‘do better and be better’ often stem from a place of beating ourselves up first and promising to right all the wrongs of the previous year. Just like the unrealism of a ‘perfect’ body, ‘resolutions’ are often the impossible dream — an ambitious, dare I say egotistical diet, many of us subject ourselves to every 12 months.

Squirrel 740x493 Goodbye Resolutions...Hello Revolutions!

I’m planning for a ‘me revolution’ this year and it’s quite the revelation too. Time, life, moves with or without me, as does it you, so this year I’m suggesting we find ways to actually enjoy the moments with less focus on constraining ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts, and our desires (don’t fret I’m not advocating crime, just more passion). More, in this case, is more not less.

Central Park 740x493 Goodbye Resolutions...Hello Revolutions!

I promise to eat more amazing foods (and actually take the time to chew and savor tastes), to talk more with friends in-person on actual couches (what a concept!), to speak up more when folks around me engage in self-loathing calorie-counting fanatical, woe-is-me fat (hate) talk, and to be more critical of anything that starts with ‘top ten’ and ends with guarantees. My ‘me revolution’ may not give me the proverbial ‘corner office’ but it will surely give me better sleep and less perfection paranoia. Now that’s purrrfection. What’s your revolution (or revelation!) for 2014?

Jill Andrew 740x493 Goodbye Resolutions...Hello Revolutions!

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  • Kurves

    On with the Revolution. . .I enjoyed reading this post. Happy Healthy 2014!!

    • jillandrew

      !!! on with it I say…on with it indeed…lol Thank you for your support. I suspect many of us will be starting up (or continuing!) or own revolutions as this year progresses. Here’s to our self-love and to spaces where we can support and celebrate one another (instead of the back-biting we so often see on reality shows between women lol. That’s another post!) Hugs and thanks for your support!

  • Lillie Locklear

    This year I just plan to love me more…in the past I have always just felt like well if I could just lose weight I would be so much happier but I figured out I can be happy just the way I am and I could also be unhappy skinny because there are a whole lot of unhappy slim folks out there.

    • jillandrew

      Thanks @lillielocklear:disqus for your continued support! It’s very ironic isn’t it. The same world that body polices and fat shames large women is the same world that forces many thin women to adopt all kinds of spirit killing strategies to maintain unrealistic weights. Size discrimination hurts BOTH large and small, fat and skinny people! Take good care and hugs to you!

  • Anesha Sylvia

    I love these photos. You look so happy!


    • jillandrew

      Thanks @aneshasylvia:disqus ! Yes I really was very happy. I was in NYC feeding squirrels! I am an obsessed animal lover so I was literally on top of the world in these pics lol. Thanks for checking out the post!

  • mllerachelm

    I love the idea of revelations in place of revolutions! My relevation for 2014 is that I can make changes in my life that create a more beautiful, loving world for me and my family!

    • jillandrew

      That’s one of the best ones! We can only make changes to the things we can make changes to and once we all figure out we can’t solve the world life gets a whole lot better for everyone! Thanks for your support;) And happy fabulous new year@mllerachelm:disqus

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Go girl! I pretty much made my changes gradually before the new year. Love this take on making changes and overall enjoying yourself. I don’t think resolutions should be about beating yourself up or trying to drastically change yourself and expect to keep it up in one day. Things take time.

    This year I want to be happier. I want to spend more time with my friends, blogger and personal. I want to savor life and really just enjoy it.

    • jillandrew

      YOU go girl too lol! If I look back at some of my worst years they all have one defining feature: me deciding it was going to be the ‘best year ever…and that I was going to right all my wrongs.’ Clearly I was destined to fail before I even begun. Now I just ask to be the best person I can be given whatever the new year might bring. I’m really wanting to connect more with friends etc and to get off the ‘treadmill’ figuratively speaking. Thanks a million for your readership!