Body Image: Fat Shaming & The Thin Epidemic

Posted on March 18, 2014

Hey everyone!

Check out my TEDxYorkU talk on fat shaming, fat euphemisms, and the thin epidemic.

 “I’m a big bright shining (or burning according to the day!) star and I’m gonna shine forever!”

Talk Description:

Jill Andrew’s lively body image talk addresses fat shaming, fat euphemisms i.e. “plus”), and strategies to address what she calls the pervasive “thin epidemic.” Jill draws a parallel between ‘fatness’ and ‘blackness’ as disruptions to dominant thin centric/Eurocentric body ideals.  Key message: “Fat is a description not a prescription, nor an invitation for hate!”

Caution: talk includes a hilarious sense of humour and some language not suitable for children. 

Speaker :A columnist, educator, and media consultant on female body image, PhD candidate Jill (Ji!!) Andrew speaks regularly on body acceptance. Andrew is founder/director of BITE ME! Toronto Int’l Body Image Film & Arts Festival, Curvy Catwalk Fashion Fundraiser, co-founder of a plus-size fashion ‘fatshion’ blog, and the annual Body Confidence Canada Awards. Her reflections on race, gender,’ and size analysis through a feminist, fat studies lens is a crowd favourite on-air and in print.

Jill’s awards include the Michele Landsberg Media Activism Award, the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada Grant, and York University’s Patrick Solomon Memorial Award in Urban Diversity. In 2010, she was also 1 of 120 women across Canada selected to participate in Canada’s inaugural Governor General Women’s Conference. Most recently, she was inducted into Humber College School of Social & Community Services’ Hall of Inspiration as an Alumnus of Distinction.

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  • Lillie Locklear

    When you shared the incident on the subway…I thought about when I was in the fifth grade and my teacher who was a male was weighing each child and I dreaded it and when it was my turn and I got on the scales he announced loudly to the class “115 pounds now that’s what I call solid!” and of course they all laughed and I slunk back to my seat. Thanks for trying to make people more aware of how hurtful these things are….I have a friend who has the cutest little granddaughter and they call her chunky as a nickname and I try to make her see that it’s wrong and she herself is a plus size, or fat or whatever you want to call it but she seems to see nothing wrong with it….people have to start realizing the effect that words have on people especially children you never ever forget it…I am 51 years old and I remember the classroom incident vividly in my mind.