Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014

Posted on July 15, 2014

Body Confidence Canada Awards Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014

The excitement has begun! The 2nd Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) will take place in Toronto, ON September 9, 2014 International Day of Beauty.

Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) acknowledges Canada-based recipients actively fighting against stereotypes, judgments, policies, and discrimination that attempt to label marginalized bodies (i.e. fat, racialized, dis/abled etc.) as unhealthy, uninspired, or underachieving for instance.

Though we are not affiliated, we were so incredibly inspired by the United Kingdom’s Campaign for Body Confidence (2009) and their inaugural UK Body Confidence Awards (2012) that we decided it was high time to bring this gem to Canada!  Now this is the kind of ‘pandemic’ we need every country catching on to – not the ever popular war on “fat = poor health and negative confidence” messaging we are inundated with.

And for those of you who didn’t know… September 9 International Day of Beauty was created by the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) and was adopted by the World Congress in 1995. What better day to celebrate body confidence, fat bodies, curvy bodies, racialized, differently able-bodies in film, fashion, television, business, politics, education, health and community empowerment especially when these bodies have been historically and contemporarily seen as outside the ‘standard’ of a ‘good body.’ We look forward to sharing this wonderful occasion with you!

For a look back at our inaugural Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) on September 9 , 2013 check out the link here

For more information on the awards check out the BCCA site here

To nominate yourself, your company/organization, or someone click here  and download a PDF or Word application. Please complete, along with reference letters/testimonials and mail a hard copy to:

Mailing address:

Body Confidence Canada Awards

C/O Jill Andrew

2682 Eglinton Avenue East  

PO Box 42503  

Toronto, ON   M1K 5K2

 OR you may e-mail a completed application with reference attachments to us directly at DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: AUGUST 15, 2014.

BCCA Founders: 

Jill Andrew & Aisha Fairclough

BCCA Design Director:

Valida Javarof




*All nominees must be residing in Canada

* All nominees must be 19 years of age as of their nomination package

*Award recipients must be able to attend the BCCAs, and participate in pre-event promotion/media

* BCCAs accept self-nominations. However in the case of ‘ties’ external nominees will receive preference

All nominees and recipients of BCCAs are committed to body confidence and body positivity programming/promotion in areas such as:



Arts & Culture (i.e. Entertainment, Fashion, Journalism etc.)


Community Engagement



Equity & Inclusivity

Health & Wellness

Human Rights

New Media


Social Justice



BCCA recipients do not buy into the idea that there is one body ‘norm’ nor do they buy into the myth of ‘perfection’. Instead BCCA recipients are actively striving to challenge status quos and to reimagine diverse bodies that are perfectly living, taking life’s ups and downs in stride, and helping to build a community through their work that inspires these same ideals in others.   If it helps, the BCCAs are heavily influenced by critical media, race, disability, fat studies, queer and feminist theories.  We invite you to Google these as they are great markers of our BCCA philosophies.



Nominee Contact Information



Full Address:




Nominator Contact Information:



Full Address:




How did you learn about BCCAs? Please check one


Social Media






Each nomination package must include up to 3 pieces of ‘evidence’ on the nominee for BCCA to review (i.e. support letters, online links, previous awards acknowledgments, nominee profiles etc.)


All packages must include *references* in order to qualify for BCCA review.



BCCAs accept self-nominations. However in the case of ‘ties’ external nominees will receive preference

In 1000 words or less please answer the following questions:


Describe the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what it is your nominee does?  What would you like to highlight about your nominee to the BCCA? (250 words or less)


How does your nominee demonstrate and embody their commitment to body confidence, acceptance, and body positivity in their work being considered for this award? (250 words or less)


How has your nominee’s body of work contributed to social change? What has been the impact of this nominee’s work within the communities they serve and beyond? (250 words or less)


Is your nominee a “Game Changer?”  Please explain their “ingenuity in motion!”  What makes this nominee a standout in the area of body confidence? (250 words or less)


Body Confidence Canada Awards Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014

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  • Jessica Ip

    awww this is fantastic!!! I had no idea we had a body confidence awards, this is absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to hear more about it! 😀

    • fatinthecity

      Jessica so glad you’re excited about it. We have pics from last years event on the site with more info about the winners. They are amazing women that are changing lives!

  • Ciaa

    Yay I can’t wait to celebrate again !!!

    • fatinthecity

      Were excited to see you soon!