The Me Revolution

Posted on January 22, 2015

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I have to admit I’ve got the January blues. If you follow me on instagram you know that we had a world wind trip to Portugal, England and France ( pics coming soon).

And now that we’re back home in Toronto the cold weather and the lull of January is kicking my butt. I’ve had to remind myself that it’s important to make time to connect with yourself, it’s ok to take a break from social media and it’s ok to just reflect and breathe. In honor of TBT (Throwback Thursday) I thought it would be fitting to repost Jill’s 2014 New Years Revolution post. Take a read below and embrace your ‘me revolution’.

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Every new year we are perpetually bombarded with this, that and the other ‘expert’ tip on how to live our best lives. Upon closer review these ‘life-saving’ solutions usually have much more to do with us cutting things out of our life than supplementing our life’s palate.

Cut out a hundred and one foods and obsessively exercise = lose weight be happy, cut back on personal hobbies = gain more status in the office as the over-achieving worker on the verge of breaking with no life balance, or be a social media, smartphone, ’20 finger’ aficionado to the point where you forget the actual voices of your loved ones but are quick to decline an invitation to meet in person because you’re ‘just so busy’ with the gym, deadlines, and the workplace of course — now that’s multi-tasking and taking life by storm.

Not quite.

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Fallacies, like these, revolve around us year round but as the New Year chimes in our resolutions to ‘do better and be better’ often stem from a place of beating ourselves up first and promising to right all the wrongs of the previous year. Just like the unrealism of a ‘perfect’ body, ‘resolutions’ are often the impossible dream — an ambitious, dare I say egotistical diet, many of us subject ourselves to every 12 months.

I’m planning for a ‘me revolution’ this year and it’s quite the revelation too. Time, life, moves with or without me, as does it you, so this year I’m suggesting we find ways to actually enjoy the moments with less focus on constraining ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts, and our desires (don’t fret I’m not advocating crime, just more passion). More, in this case, is more not less.

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I promise to eat more amazing foods (and actually take the time to chew and savor tastes), to talk more with friends in-person on actual couches (what a concept!), to speak up more when folks around me engage in self-loathing calorie-counting fanatical, woe-is-me fat (hate) talk, and to be more critical of anything that starts with ‘top ten’ and ends with guarantees. My ‘me revolution’ may not give me the proverbial ‘corner office’ but it will surely give me better sleep and less perfection paranoia. Now that’s purrrfection. What’s your revolution (or revelation!) for 2015? Jill Andrew

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    I love this so much.

    I’ve never found an affinity toward New Years, like so many of my friends do. I kinda loathe all the hype that it’s a chance to be a “new” you. I think everyday is a chance to be the *you* you want to be.

    I also dislike the shame associated with it, like you need to fix all of the bad things you’ve been told are wrong with you. Instead of resolutions to restrict and guilt yourself I prefer the idea that we set goals to try to enrich our lives, make us appreciate things more, learn new things, expand on ourselves and to continue doing the things that make us happy.

    I hope wonderful things for you in 2015 and beyond!