International Women’s Day

Posted on March 8, 2015


International Womens Day1 International Womens Day

Today we celebrate all the women and girls past and present who have helped create the footprints guiding so many of our footsteps today. We celebrate your style, grace and fierce determination and thank you for your courage and flare! We also recognize that for every woman relishing in the successes of many feminisms there remain countless women and girls who continue to doubt their own power,feeling the weight of beastly oppressions like violence against women, poverty, racism, inequality in the workplace and the constant tyranny of body weight and size policing to name a few. Today we remember all women and we pledge to commit to supporting the struggle so we may continue the celebration too!

Happy International Women’s Day to you and the special women and girls in your life. #AllWomenMatter #BodyConfidence

Jill Andrew, PhD(c.)
Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCA), FatinTheCity, BITE ME! Toronto Int’l Body Image Film & Arts Festival

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