Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue

Posted on May 1, 2015

No Diet Day 740x273 Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue

Join the Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs), Fat in The City (FITC) and The 519 as we present…

FATshionraiser: FAT is a Feminist Issue on May 6th International NO DIET Day, 7-10pm

Come join us for an evening of soapbox style FAT conversations, clothing donations, swap, a fun community curvy catwalk (no experience necessary just fierceness required:), live entertainment, a film screening and more!

Why call it a FATshionraiser? Cause we’re ‘raising’ clothing donations baby! The 519 will be accepting donations of clothing at the event to help support Newcomers and Refugees who access The 519’s Newcomer Settlement Services many of whom are size 14+. Along with donating *gently* used clothing, you can also BRING clothing and accessories to participate in the Clothing Swap – hangers, tables and racks will be provided .

The Fatshionraiser is being held on May 6th International No Diet Day . There is a reason why the word die is in diet.  Not only can dieting, especially  yo-yo dieting , have serious life -threatening health consequences but it also kills your sprit over time. We promote a health at every size approach (HAES). Skinny is not synonymous with health any more than fat is with being unhealthy.

Fat IS a feminist issue but it’s also a race, class, gender, ability and sexuality and everyone’s embodied, intersecting experience is different and equally valid. Fat IS an equity & access issue.  At a time when being fat, dare we say being fat and proud, or being fat and showing skin unapologetically is seen as a worse fate than the seven deadly sins COMBINED, creating a space where we can come together and share bits of our stories, coping mechanisms, community strategies, promote our fat-friendly businesses, initiatives, philosophies and network against the backdrop of fashion (or what we often refer to as FATshion) makes for a pretty cool, transformative evening.

Finding well made, well-fitting accessibly priced clothing for bodies size 14+ is a rarity. Though there are many plus size fashion stores on the raise, the numbers pale in comparison to “straight size” clothing. Attendees will have a chance to strut their stuff on the community curvy catwalk in their own clothing OR clothing snagged during the boutique clothing swap.

If the spirit moves you DANCE your skirt (or pants!) off with the eclectic sounds of DJ MAMA KNOWS

Come listen to our “SOAPBOX” speakers @ the FATshionraiser on May 6. Throughout the evening audience members are also invited to come on up grab the mic and share your thoughts on the theme of the evening ~ FAT is a Feminist Issue! Expand the theme, challenge the theme, heck create your own! Tell us about your emBODYed experience, your fat experience, you fat or fat-friendly business. If we don’t toot our own horns no one else will!

Throwback screening!

The Fat Body (In)visible: Fat activist Margitte Kristjansson, investigates the relationships two San Diego-area women have with their bodies. Body acceptance activists Keena and Jessica’s stories detail the intricacies of identity and the intersections of race and gender with fatness; the women themselves find new and inventive ways to be proudly visible subjects through the strategic use of fashion and social media


Performances by:



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CoCo La Creme

Burlesque Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue


Kenickie Street

Fat burlesque Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue



Rachel Matheson

Fat Female Comedienne 740x493 Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue


Zena Lord

Zena Lord 1 740x925 Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue


The 519 is accessible to individuals using mobility devices. Please let us know if you have other access requirements via email at RSVP@The519.org | info@FatinTheCity.com | info@BodyConfidenceCanadaAwards.com


Wine, non-alcoholic beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served


COST: FREE to attend (donations always appreciated).



The Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) recognizes champions of body confidence, body positivity, and body diversity in Canada. Nominate someone today! Deadline: JULY 1, 2015


 The 519 Community Centre is a meeting place and focal point for the creative enhancement of a vibrant healthy downtown community. We respond creatively and passionately to the needs of the local neighbourhood and the broader LGBT communities by providing resources and opportunities to foster self-determination, civic engagement, and community enrichment through social recreation, volunteerism, arts and culture, and community participation.

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