Chattin’ with a Superstar Chanteuse

Posted on October 3, 2015

Simone Denny Toronto 740x474 Chattin’ with a Superstar Chanteuse

Multi award-winning recording artist Simone Denny, Canada’s Dance Music Icon, on body confidence, fashion, living through life’s ups and downs and more…

I live by my mantra, “I’m a big, bright, burning star, and I’m gonna shine forever.” I was 20 years old when I penned this affirmation. As a nervous first-year undergrad, I needed all the chutzpah I could find.  Inspired in part by the lyrical message of award-winning Canadian Eurodance music group Love Inc.’s hit song You’re a Superstar (1998) featuring lead vocalist Simone Denny, I still chant my mantra today whether gazing at my reflection in my bathroom mirror or backstage before addressing crowds.

Last year, life gave me a huge gift when I had a random chance encounter with Denny at a Toronto fashion event.  Mesmerized by the encounter and her larger than life personality, I had the ultimate fan girl moment days later when she actually responded to a message I sent her. In the message, I unabashedly spilled my guts on just how much her song had impacted my life.

Fast forward many conversations later to today we are beyond excited to announce Denny’s highly anticipated live performance at our 3rd Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs). We are so very honored to have her with us!  If you haven’t already fallen in love with her voice here is an opportunity to do that and so much more.  Read along as Simone shares her words on body confidence, fashion, loving yourself even at challenging times and her upcoming new album debuting October 16, 2015.

Reach for the sky
And hold you’re head up high
For tonight and every night you’re a superstar
And don’t u be afraid
Think of all the friends you’ve made
Like any other night you’ve got your name in lights
You’re a superstar!

What does “Body Confidence” mean for you?

Body confidence is everything to me! Accepting yourself and loving yourself is so important. When you have a confident and positive self image. It impacts your quality of life and how you interact with those around you and the impact you have on society.

What 3 words best describe you?

Happy, ambitious, positive

Was it difficult defining and finding clothing that complimented your style as an artist in the 90s?

Finding clothing proved extremely challenging during by my Love Inc. days. There wasn’t any cool raver gear in plus size in stores. I’d go for fittings for video shoots and most times it didn’t suit my style or even fit. I was size 14 and nothing fit, it was insane! I took my look and image into my own hands. Every city I stopped in on tour I’d go on the hunt for cool shoes, jeans and tops that were edgy. I shopped a lot at Addition Elle and vintage stores. There was no other choice for me than to take control of my own image.I knew being curvy and fashionable was possible. Frumpy was never an option as I knew I was representing for curvy women in an industry that required vocalists to be size 2.

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What’s your advice on dealing with personal and professional challenges?

I think the best advice I can give someone is to take a moment and breathe. Anyalze the situation. If there’s a wall or a block find a way around it ….over it ….under it or go through it ! Stay focused, stay
open and know your value!

How would you describe your style?

Right now I’m in love with the femininity of the vintage 50’s / 60’s look. I’m always finding ways to incorporate it into my everyday style or on stage from big swing skirts, crinoline, scarves and flowers in my hair to converse running shoes with jeans and a leather biker jacket. I love wearing black for no other reason than it makes me feel sexy. My favourite colour is red. It’s a colour I incorporate in my wardrobe daily. Red lips or red highlights in my hair or red accents in my clothing . I shop a lot in vintage stores or vintage inspired stores like Tatyanas on Queen street in Toronto, Pin Up Girl Clothing , Igigi and I always find beautiful pieces at Addition

simone denny Chattin’ with a Superstar Chanteuse

We’re excited about your new album dropping Oct 16. Tell us what fans can expect with this one?

I’m so excited about my new album because it’s a complete departure from dance music.Most people don’t know that I actually started my career in live music . I used to play with soul and R&B bands in Toronto first before Love Inc. I also was a session singer so I’ve sung many different genres of music over the years. This album gives me the opportunity to showcase my voice. You will hear the same power and intensity I’m known for in dance music. On this album I’m influenced by soul and rock from the 50’s/60’s and there’s a dash of modern in there as well.
And yes I still do dance music and EDM!

What’s MOST exciting and MOST nerve-wracking about your return to us?

I’m not feeling nervous at all just super excited. I know once everyone takes a moment to really listen to it they will love it! My fans have grown up have been married and have had relationships. That’s what I explore on this album. I have quite a few favorite tracks on this project. ‘Your Love Fades Away’ is a ballad for the broken hearted. A love lost. We’ve all been there before . Everyone can relate to the songs on this album.

What would you tell your 15 year old self today?

Strap yourself in it’s gonna be a heck of a ride! LOL – On a serious note. I’d tell my younger self to know her value.

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