Social Media , Can I Live ?

Posted on October 1, 2015

green aishajpg 740x1110 Social Media , Can I Live ?

Instagram, facebook, instagram, facebook , instagram ,facebook, repeat and sometimes twitter.I’ve never been so strangely addicted to something in my life, every time I try and #unplug social media sucks me right back in.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media . Judging you when you share too much#idontcarewhatyoueat, #effyourvacation .Yet at times I’m a hypocrite and I turn around and do the very same thing #fitctravels #bcca2015 #bodyconfidence. If you post too much your obnoxious if you post too little you don’t exist. We live vicariously through likes, comments and often neglect our own realities #broke #dontbuythoseshoes #loneliness #alonetogether.

Can I live?

minimalist plus size blogger 740x1110 Social Media , Can I Live ?

plus size fall fashion 740x1110 Social Media , Can I Live ?

Blouse, Eileen Fisher (similar here& here)| vest, (similar here) |pants, OLD|glasses, Salvatore Ferragamo

Your style should not be defined by your size!

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    I am hopeless with my social media addiction. It is funny how fickle we are with it though!

    You look gorgeous, as usual!