Weight Watchers & Oprah :#OprahWeAreNotLost

Posted on December 29, 2015


Wow…I just saw the first ‪#‎weightwatchers‬ commercial featuring ‪#‎Oprah‬ where she states in her “all knowing” sainthood tone that EVERY WOMAN who is overweight is lost and inside lies [the subtext] a thinner woman who cant wait to be alive, empowered and taking care of business.So essentially fat women are unhappy and underachieving -essentially spitting in their own lives’ faces.

She encourages all fat women essentially to start NOW (no coincidence days before the new yr begins
..fyi new years “resolutions” are sophisticated cousins of capitalism and neo liberal boot strap self help isms) to find themselves…

Wow…I’ve always known Oprah didn’t love her body…a body – fat or skinny- that has gotten her to where she is…the phenomenal place of success most people can only DREAM of (or maybe sell their first born!) to obtain…So ungrateful for her bodies roll in her success. .. But I never thought she would promote so powerfully (the commercial truly is an advertisers dream) such a misinformed message… There have been ample scholarly critiques of weight watchers including scientific ones that speak against its principles…the dangers of yo-yo dieting, dieting (aka starving your brain and other vital organs, the failure rates of long term “success” Not to mention there are many women who don’t feel “lost” in their bodies – I happen to be one of them. There are many women who have bigger fish to fry (no pun intended) in 2016 than to uncover plastic wrap meals or to glue a measuring spoon on our hips everywhere we go)

Rather than partnering with Weight Watchers Oprah why not partner with a woman-centered organization to help “every unemployed woman find employment” or every under educated woman gain access to education… free medical care…hell a free microwave. Something that may actually have true gains in helping folks “find themselves.” Unlike weight loss, these sorts of supports have actually been proven empirically to help folks do and feel better..Women are bombarded enough about our weight, our shape….too big too small too flat too wide you name it we’ve got it. Come on Oprah you are sitting at the top of the universe…I wish I could expect more than this from you and your team. And if you happened to do “research” before simply walking into this your next “lucrative” undertaking you are talking to the wrong fat women, the wrong fat people period and the wrong doctors and scholars ‪#‎ADSAPPOINTEDFAN‬ #WeightWatchers ‪#‎HealthAtEverySize‬‪#‎BodyConfidence‬ ‪#‎OprahWinfrey‬ ‪#‎FatintheCity‬ ‪#‎OprahWeAreNotLost‬

Jill Andrew

Has anyone seen the commercial and what were your thoughts?

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  • Mojo

    Oh, very interesting, thanks for writing this. I especially never thought of resolutions in this way…

    I seriously can’t believe Oprah is doing WW, what a terrible message to send to people :(. And this commercial reads (to me) like how she’d chit chat on her show; makes it seem like not a commercial at all. Blech.

  • http://woosangwashere.blogspot.com/ Yvonne Kirk

    I hate that people like her tell me that I am unhappy unless I am thin. Really,?? You know my story? My challenges?? GARK!!! IF you she would donate money to good and help women instead of tearing them down about their bodies

  • Heidi

    I’m just annoyed that Oprah messed with the points system that worked just FINE for me before. Although I absolutely embrace your attitude which prioritizes women’ accomplishments and goals rather than chasing beauty’s homogenized carrot on a stick mentality (not to mention capitalistic greed), I have to say, as a woman of size..who will most likely always be a woman of size – that my health was in danger and my mobility drastically reduced until I lost 52lbs. I still have a ways to go to get to the goal which allows me the best health and mobility – and yet I will STILL be a woman of size at my goal weight and that is just dandy. I can still be big but not so big that I kill myself. I think we ought to be careful not to vilify the programs out there that, at their core, are thoughtfully created to sanely lead us to health without sacrificing our ideals or identity. I had my own attitude towards Weight Watchers until I followed the program as outlined; allowing me to eat appropriately and healthfully. I am not delighted that Oprah was allowed to get involved in my process, but after all, she is not the point; my health and well being is, and if I must move around her to get it, so be it. I hope that other women of size, who are confident and accomplished will not be so turned off by this silly, stupid commercial that they neglect their health, as I did for too long.

  • Jacquie G

    I am kinda mad at Oprah for a lot of things. It started with the books. Not necessarily her fault – but all she had to do was *blink* in the direction of a cover & it was INSTANTLY successful, regardless of the useless pap printed between the pages. And watching that lemming-like attitude of the masses just made me a sad human. Where had everyone’s INDIVIDUAL mind gone? Where had THINKING gone? And when did it get replaced by letting one woman do it for you?
    She weilds *so* much power – because we let her – but she doesn’t take very good care of the responsibility. In touting the merits of an org like WW (any coincidence that it shares its initials with WORLD WAR? I think not…), that can change the curtains & repaint every couple of years, but is still the same damned place it’s ALWAYS been & that is yet another BILLION DOLLAR DIET SCAM that doesn’t work…Oprah is taking very lightly the responsibility she has over millions of women who hang on her every word like a cult leader!
    Either that, or deep down…she is just as broken & deluded as so many others & she somehow BELIEVES that this will really work? That it will be different? Until she fixes what is broken inside. Until she gets to the root of the trauma that caused her to protect herself with a suit of “fat” armour, she won’t make any change. Losing weight has very little to do with food & exercise is what I’ve learned after 40 years of being failed by diets. Until you can confront & deal with whatever caused the hurt & pain to get you to the size you are…you won’t be ready to remove that ‘blanket of comfort’. And you won’t be ready to give up your best friends (comfort foods). Once you can see that trauma in the light of day. See it’s no longer as scary as it once was. That you’ve survived it. Once you’ve made a conscious effort to *hear* your negative imternal voice & replace it with a positive one. Then you won’t have the *appetites* for self-destruction anymore. I’m not seeking any sort of goal. I’m not jumping on the scale. I just eat what I want when I’m hungry now. What’s changed is that I’m not looking to food to soothe me. I didn’t even know what real, physical belly hunger felt like until the last couple of years, ’cause I’d seriously never gone without food long enough to figure it out before! I’ll never be thin. Or anything close. But I’m so much happier now that I have a different relationship with food – & with myself.

  • Helene Baskit

    Well said. I hope she sees this blog post. Oprah is most definitely part of the whole “hate your body” industry no matter how much she sugar coats things.