Body Confidence Awareness Week

BCA WEEK MAY 30 Body Confidence Awareness Week
Body-shaming is an epidemic. Body Confidence Awareness Week (BCAW) helps to create systemic shifts in schools and community organizations by addressing body and/or appearance-based discrimination and Gender Based Violence through awareness, prevention and intervention. We are thrilled to have Body Confidence Awareness Week recognized across two of Canada’s largest school boards . This October more that 300,000 students and over 600 schools across two provinces will be able to celebrate #BCAWEEK.

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TTC & The National Ballet of Canada’s Joint Campaign Falls Short : What About Body Diversity?

Media Literacy 101 Our statement was never an “attack” on ballet or athletic bodies.  It has been very convenient for some readers to suggest we are ‘attacking’ ballet and athletic bodies as a way of justifying the racist, sexist and fat phobic private emails and messages people have left online. Ads have meaning and when one type of body is usually linked with ideals of beauty, grace etc. and others are systematically left out this sends a message loaded with tons of meaning. Some of us can choose to agree, disagree with or ignore that fact for our own gains or to maintain our own comfort but it doesn’t change the reality. Images matter. People are impacted by images especially when they see similar images all the time that routinely do not represent them. Some people do not care about this and others do. We happen to be ones who do.
We are asking the public to reflect on what images mean. Media Literacy 101.


“Regarding the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)  and The National Ballet of Canada joint campaign, we have concerns about the body size, shape and weight diversity, or should we say lack thereof, that this campaign unknowingly communicates.The body type of most ballet dancers do not adequately represent those of most Canadians and dare we say most TTC users.

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This Magazine: Clothes encounters

Empty Closet This Magazine: Clothes encounters

Months ago Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show performance of “Formation” served as a poignant example of the evocative power of clothing. Clad in outfits that paid homage to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Beyoncé and her dancers embodied a necessary social commentary on police brutality against predominantly African-Americans.

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How To Make Vintage Clothing Look Brand New

spring fashion 1 740x653 2 How To Make Vintage Clothing Look Brand New

I have no problem wearing  pieces I love over and over again.Whether I’m mixing designer with vintage or casual with fur if it’s a staple you’ll see me wearing it all the time.  Case in point ; Last week I featured my go to yellow sheath dress on the blog. This week I’m back in my yellow dress and I’m showing you how to maximize your winter outfits by incorporating vintage/ thrifted jackets into your wardrobe.
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