International No Diet Day!


Ivory  740x1109 International No Diet Day!

Photo by Max Lander

It’s International No Diet Day party people! Slim fast shakes, waist trainers, obsessive calorie-counting, and clothing that’s been sitting in the back of your closet that doesn’t fit with tags still on BE GONE! But seriously this is a day we should all celebrate regardless of our size. It’s a day where we all can stand up against the diet demons that try to suggest the myth that weight is mutable — something that we can inherently change—that it’s a simple ‘state of mind’ as to whether someone is fat or skinny.   It’s a day when we can focus on who we are as whole people rather than exclusively focusing on the aesthetics. Now don’t get us wrong it’s not a crime to invest in ones aesthetics BUT when looks become the center of how someone defines themselves exclusively that’s when we’ve got some self-reflecting to do!

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Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue

No Diet Day 740x273 Fatshionraiser: FAT is a feminist issue

Join the Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs), Fat in The City (FITC) and The 519 as we present…

FATshionraiser: FAT is a Feminist Issue on May 6th International NO DIET Day, 7-10pm

Come join us for an evening of soapbox style FAT conversations, clothing donations, swap, a fun community curvy catwalk (no experience necessary just fierceness required:), live entertainment, a film screening and more!

Why call it a FATshionraiser? Cause we’re ‘raising’ clothing donations baby! The 519 will be accepting donations of clothing at the event to help support Newcomers and Refugees who access The 519’s Newcomer Settlement Services many of whom are size 14+. Along with donating *gently* used clothing, you can also BRING clothing and accessories to participate in the Clothing Swap – hangers, tables and racks will be provided .

The Fatshionraiser is being held on May 6th International No Diet Day . There is a reason why the word die is in diet.  Not only can dieting, especially  yo-yo dieting , have serious life -threatening health consequences but it also kills your sprit over time. We promote a health at every size approach (HAES). Skinny is not synonymous with health any more than fat is with being unhealthy.

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Bell Bottom ‘Realness’


plus size wide leg pants 740x1110 Bell Bottom Realness

Spring has finally arrived (well kinda) and with the arrival of Spring we’re inevitably bombarded with messages that tell us our bodies aren’t good enough period much less good enough for summer. I can’t tell you how many commercials and ads I’ve seen that have said ,“Get your summer body, summer bodies are made in winter “and so on.

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Lost in Lisbon

IMG 4901 740x493 Lost in Lisbon


Months ago Jill and I  travelled to England, Portugal and France.  We laughed, loved, ate wonderful food with family and spent time with one of our dearest friends. No instagram (except for a few pics), no email, no distractions JUST US. Here’s a peak at our first stop –  Lisbon,Portugal.

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International Women’s Day


International Womens Day1 International Womens Day

Today we celebrate all the women and girls past and present who have helped create the footprints guiding so many of our footsteps today. We celebrate your style, grace and fierce determination and thank you for your courage and flare! We also recognize that for every woman relishing in the successes of many feminisms there remain countless women and girls who continue to doubt their own power,feeling the weight of beastly oppressions like violence against women, poverty, racism, inequality in the workplace and the constant tyranny of body weight and size policing to name a few. Today we remember all women and we pledge to commit to supporting the struggle so we may continue the celebration too!

Happy International Women’s Day to you and the special women and girls in your life. #AllWomenMatter #BodyConfidence

Jill Andrew, PhD(c.)
Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCA), FatinTheCity, BITE ME! Toronto Int’l Body Image Film & Arts Festival
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Sequin Sunrise

gold plus size sequin skirt 682x1024 Sequin Sunrise

With the holiday season in full swing and New Years Eve in a matter of days it’s easy to get overwhelmed with What Should You Wear For New Years? When in doubt I always grab my sequin mini skirt. It’s easy to dress up and down and its great for travelling.

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