Grey Matters


 Grey Matters

Christmas is exactly 5 months from today but you don’t have to wait until the holidays to wear your favourite pieces.  I don’t know about you but I gave up waiting for special occasions to wear my fierce frocks cause the truth is your whole life is a special occasion.

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Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014

Body Confidence Canada Awards Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014

The excitement has begun! The 2nd Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) will take place in Toronto, ON September 9, 2014 International Day of Beauty.

Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) acknowledges Canada-based recipients actively fighting against stereotypes, judgments, policies, and discrimination that attempt to label marginalized bodies (i.e. fat, racialized, dis/abled etc.) as unhealthy, uninspired, or underachieving for instance.

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Primaala Does The Body Good


“Clothing, like a second skin, envelops our bodies while authenticating our personalities, our desires, aspirations, our pesky hang ups, and the fondest of memories relived through a single garment choice. We have strong relationships with our clothes and as such clothes and the act of dressing is an integral part of our self. In many ways we dance with both euphoria and trepidation in our clothes.” Jill Andrew

Primaala Plus size store toronto 740x493 Primaala Does The Body Good

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Bustin’ Boundaries During The Holidays

Plus Size Leather Skirt 12 740x1109 Bustin Boundaries During The Holidays

I attended an artsy Holiday party a few weeks ago and I decided to step outside my comfort zone and wear something  ultra sexy. When I  arrived  I was overcome by fear because for the first time in years I was showing my cleavage,  and I refused to take my jacket off .

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Forever Plaid

pretty plus size bloggers toronto Forever Plaid

Fall Winter Trends Plaid Coat Plus Size Forever Plaid

The last time I wore plaid was when Jill and I had our first post valentines party (pic below), that was many years ago. Since then I’ve managed to avoid plaid until I came across this classic Marina Rinaldi coat.  A far cry from the plaid kilt I use to hike up in school ( catholic school girls I know you know something about )  this coat is sleek, minimal and it’s also a raincoat. Though trends come and go this coat is a classic and its easily become my go to jacket. But I tell you if the jheri curl ever comes back in style you can count me out (been there done that).

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