Weight Watchers & Oprah :#OprahWeAreNotLost


Wow…I just saw the first ‪#‎weightwatchers‬ commercial featuring ‪#‎Oprah‬ where she states in her “all knowing” sainthood tone that EVERY WOMAN who is overweight is lost and inside lies [the subtext] a thinner woman who cant wait to be alive, empowered and taking care of business.So essentially fat women are unhappy and underachieving -essentially spitting in their own lives’ faces.

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International No Diet Day!


Ivory  740x1109 International No Diet Day!

Photo by Max Lander

It’s International No Diet Day party people! Slim fast shakes, waist trainers, obsessive calorie-counting, and clothing that’s been sitting in the back of your closet that doesn’t fit with tags still on BE GONE! But seriously this is a day we should all celebrate regardless of our size. It’s a day where we all can stand up against the diet demons that try to suggest the myth that weight is mutable — something that we can inherently change—that it’s a simple ‘state of mind’ as to whether someone is fat or skinny.   It’s a day when we can focus on who we are as whole people rather than exclusively focusing on the aesthetics. Now don’t get us wrong it’s not a crime to invest in ones aesthetics BUT when looks become the center of how someone defines themselves exclusively that’s when we’ve got some self-reflecting to do!

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Fat in the City

charlotte olympia shoe 123 Fat in the City

There I was travelling home alone from a fabulous evening with my fellow fashionistas looking spectacular in the subway window reflection. My feet purred (pain free!) in my sleek canary yellow felt heel by shoe goddess Charlotte Olympia and a vintage red dress courtesy of my local vintage store . Then all of a sudden this woman (yes woman!) plops herself down beside me and begins settling herself into the two-seater. Okay, so at this point I’m feeling her elbows digging into my rib cage like an arrow when she bellows, “You’re too fat for the fucking subway! I can’t get comfortable…you’re taking up too much space, fat bitch!”

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