My Love Affair With Blazers

Plus Size Designer Blazer 607x404 My Love Affair With Blazers

I first saw the blockbuster hit Working Girl (1988) starring Sigourney Weaver & Melanie Griffith a couple years after its release.  I was a young girl then.  I remember being captivated by these women’s blazers — their suits.  In or around that time my cousin Pearl, a fashion designer, exposed me to all things fabrics, patterns and ‘feminine’ glamour. I was acutely aware, obsessed and in awe of her style! She was so cool.  In retrospective I suspect my profound captivation with WG was augmented because in my little mind blazers and suits were for boys.  Oh the sense of ‘power’ I remember Tess McGill (Griffith) having when she dawned that grey suit after she successfully infiltrated Katherine  Parker’s (Weaver) life, job, boyfriend (and her pearls!) in an attempt to steal her spot as the high powered CEO.  Anyhow, that’s the Coles Notes version. Check it out for all the twists and turns. I’ll just say Tess had good reason! You’ll love it for its 80’s (non)sensibilities lol!

Working Girl Movie 607x513 My Love Affair With Blazers

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