How to wear all white this summer

white plus size dress  740x1110 How to wear all white this summer

One of the many things  I love about the blog is being able to connect with our supporters. Last month Jill and I ( FITC and BCCA’s) produced a Fatshionraiser: Fat is a Feminist Issue along with The 519 . It was a night of amazing performances, speakers and dialogue . We raised much needed clothing for LGBTQ Newcomers and Refugees who access The 519’s Newcomer Settlement Services. Thank you to all our performers and all the wonderful people that attended and shared their personal stories on our soapbox OUR VOICES MATTER.

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International No Diet Day!


Ivory  740x1109 International No Diet Day!

Photo by Max Lander

It’s International No Diet Day party people! Slim fast shakes, waist trainers, obsessive calorie-counting, and clothing that’s been sitting in the back of your closet that doesn’t fit with tags still on BE GONE! But seriously this is a day we should all celebrate regardless of our size. It’s a day where we all can stand up against the diet demons that try to suggest the myth that weight is mutable — something that we can inherently change—that it’s a simple ‘state of mind’ as to whether someone is fat or skinny.   It’s a day when we can focus on who we are as whole people rather than exclusively focusing on the aesthetics. Now don’t get us wrong it’s not a crime to invest in ones aesthetics BUT when looks become the center of how someone defines themselves exclusively that’s when we’ve got some self-reflecting to do!

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