T is for Turtleneck

turtlekneck sweater T is for Turtleneck

When in doubt wear a TURTLENECK.  My everyday basics. I have six all in the same color, BLACK.  Unfortunately with the Spring in the air ( kinda) I’ll have to retire my black turtleneck and replace it with a black t-shirt. If it worked for the late great Steve Jobs  co founder of Apple Computers it works for me!

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This Magazine: Clothes encounters

Empty Closet This Magazine: Clothes encounters

Months ago Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show performance of “Formation” served as a poignant example of the evocative power of clothing. Clad in outfits that paid homage to the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Beyoncé and her dancers embodied a necessary social commentary on police brutality against predominantly African-Americans.

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How To Make Vintage Clothing Look Brand New

spring fashion 1 740x653 2 How To Make Vintage Clothing Look Brand New

I have no problem wearing  pieces I love over and over again.Whether I’m mixing designer with vintage or casual with fur if it’s a staple you’ll see me wearing it all the time.  Case in point ; Last week I featured my go to yellow sheath dress on the blog. This week I’m back in my yellow dress and I’m showing you how to maximize your winter outfits by incorporating vintage/ thrifted jackets into your wardrobe.
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Gals On The Go!

body confidence canada toronto 740x740 Gals On The Go!

It’s been a busy year for us already. In the last few weeks Jill has been interviewed by Global Television 3 times  , we appeared on Rogers Daytime together talking about the Body Confidence Canada Awards,  we were featured on the Huffington Post  and we shared some tips on self care with Sophmore Magazine .

Heads up nominations for the 4th Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards will open on March 8th.

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